Family Law

  • Appeals– helping people take cases to a higher court when the court has made an erroneous ruling
  • Child Support– helping secure a fair support amount
  • Custody– helping children live with parents who take good care of them
  • Divorce/ Annulment/ Legal Separation– helping people move on when a marriage ends
  • Grandparent Visitation– helping grandparents get time with their grandchildren
  • Jurisdictional Disputes– whether a case should be transferred to or from another state
  • Paternity– helping unmarried parents obtain custody and child support orders
  • Parenting Time– helping good parents get time with their children
  • Protection From Abuse/Stalking– helping victims of domestic violence obtain restraining orders and helping people who have been falsely accused to prove their innocence
  • Same-Sex Divorce or Parentage– establishing parental rights to children of same-sex couples and/or dissolving same-sex marriages
  • Step-Parent Adoption– helping good parents obtain (or maintain) legal rights to children

If you need an experienced attorney to help with your family law case, call Cameron & Herrman, P.A. at (316) 265-0650.

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