Why Hire Cameron & Herrman, P.A.

  1. We keep you informed. Are you tired of leaving multiple messages for your attorney, and receiving no return call? That will not happen with Cameron & Herrman, P.A. Our policy is to return calls within 24-hours, although most calls are returned much sooner. Our firm prides itself on communication and keeping you informed regarding what is happening in your case.
  2. We are honest. We will not tell you that you have a good case, if we do not believe that is true. We will advise you of the positive, and negative, factors that we see in your case. We will advise you regarding all possible courses of action and all possible outcomes, so that you can make the best decision regarding how to proceed in your case.
  3. We settle cases. We maintain good working relationships with other attorneys, so that we can negotiate amicable resolutions. If there is a possibility of settling your case by agreement, without the expense of trial, we will work to negotiate that agreement. Our goal at Cameron & Herrman, P.A., is to help clients resolve their cases with favorable outcomes, not to charge attorney fees with contentious and unnecessary hearings.
  4. We take cases to trial. We are experienced trial attorneys. If your case cannot be resolved by agreement, we will fight for you at trial. Our attorneys are in the courtroom every week. We come to court well-prepared, we present strong arguments to the judge, and we win.

Our past performance is no guarantee of future results in your case.

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