Client Testimonials

Cameron & Herrman, P.A., takes pride in the legal representation and support that we provide our clients. The following are quotes from actual former clients.

“I contacted Lynnette Herrman when my daughter’s mother met a new guy and suddenly decided to take my daughter out of state. Obviously I was no longer necessary.

We never had a legal custody agreement and my name was not on the birth certificate because I didn’t know she was mine until after she was born. Also, we live in a conservative state that leans heavily towards the mother’s rights.

Needless to say, Lynnette was fighting an uphill battle from the very beginning. And she told me during the initial consult that this may not be a winnable case. No talking up the sure win just to get hired.

Fortunately for me, she seemed to take the wrongness of the situation personally and fought like a bulldog for my daughter and me. Lynnette was constantly in contact asking for small details during her case research, always digging for the slightest advantage. This paid off enormously when her absolute understanding if our situation aloud her to catch my ex in numerous exaggerations and out right lies. And in court, she argued our case almost as if she was fighting for her own kid.

By the time she was done, I not only got 50/50 time with my daughter but the judge actually made me primary custodian.

Surprisingly, Lynnette was able to do all this with minimal mud slinging in court. I now have a much better relationship with my ex than ever before and that allows us to be much better parents for our daughter.

I would absolutely hire Lynnette Herrman for any legal matters I run into in the future. This lady almost single handedly gave me my family back. There is no amount if thanks that will ever cover that. Hopefully this review well help pay it back a little.” ~ Avvo Review

“Aggressive, determined, and actually HELPFUL! She really knew her stuff and looked at my case from different angles than other attorneys I had talked to. After consultations with two other attorneys before her, I was worried I wouldn’t find anyone I liked, but within minutes of meeting her I knew she was the right choice. She was confident but still forthcoming and honest when she answered my questions and I felt very comfortable hiring her. Throughout my case, she stayed in touch whenever needed and worked diligently to uncover all the facts and details about the situation surrounding my case. Ultimately we did win, with what I can only assume was a rather embarrassing defeat for the other side, who thought they had me beat hands down and probably would have with any other attorney on the job.” ~ Avvo Review

“Monica did a fantastic job representing us with our family court matter. She came prepared and presented all the important facts that were pertinent. She obviously read through all of the documentation we provided and could show proof of every statement made. Every time she objected she was right, she knows the law extremely well. She was very honest with us in letting us know every outcome for every direction we could go. We are very satisfied with her and will use her again if needed and recommend her to anyone needing a family lawyer.” ~Avvo Review

“Your performance was more than I could have ever needed. You and your team did great.”

“I am very pleased. You and your staff did a great job. I felt that I got everything that I asked for and what I deserve.”

“The services provided were very professional. I felt extremely comfortable with telling you anything. I would recommend you because you are comforting, a quick worker, and professional.”

“I feel like you did an excellent job of representing me. I felt like you listened to what I had to say and did not push me into making decisions I did not feel comfortable making.”

“You provided efficient, timely, courteous, and helpful service. You answered my questions and made the process of divorce one thing I did not have to worry about.”

I felt totally comfortable under your direction. I felt that your advice was quite sensible.”

“You did a wonderful job. As a military member, you made the process for me easy and fast. You took out all of the guess-work and kept my mind at ease, allowing me to focus on my tasks at hand. Your team was precise and very professional. All of my questions were answered quickly, which left me at ease.

All of my requests were met with compassion and taken care of immediately, professionally, and with great courtesy. You were very easy to relate to and made me feel that it was okay to have questions. Staff was also always helpful, polite, and professional.”

“A wonderful attorney that goes above and beyond. She fought for me all through a trial. I would highly recommend to anyone. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and organized.”

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